Bryce Harper Gets Biebered, Impersonates The Rock, Then Disses Nats Fans Sort Of

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On Saturday afternoon at Natsfest, Gio Gonzalez and Tyler Clippard hosted a "talk show" in front of Washington Nationals fans.  Their guests included Ian Desmond, Jordan Zimmermann, and Rookie of the Year, Bryce Harper.

Gio was very personable, although most of his questions were "Tell us about yourself", "What toys did you buy" and "How bout the fans".  Desmond talked about how he wanted Spring Training to start, Zimmermann talked about getting married in the offseason while Gio kept talking about his smile, and Bryce Harper once again provided some stomach churning awkward moments (just like on Kimmel).

Harper comes on stage to a familiar song, does a weird WWE Rock move, then proceeds to dis the entire Natsfest and Nationals fans...sort of.  Watch the video to see what he says that gets the crowd all up in arms:

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