Bryce Harper Lives On A Pirate Ship And Other Awkward Moments From Jimmy Kimmel

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bryce Harper was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and while I'm sure the DC Sports Bog team is furiously transcribing the interview, we are gonna pick a few of our favorite parts, and dissect the terrible zings that the Rookie of the Year attempted on his first late night talk show.  And as always, some GIF action.

1.  Bryce Gives Camera the 2 finger point while he is dressed like, and has the same haircut as, the bad guys in Biff's gang from the movie Back to the Future 2.

2.  Bryce comes out and sits on the corner of Jimmy Kimmels desk instead of in his chair.  I have no clue what this was, but it sure was awkward.

More Plus cool GIFs after the jump:

3.  Kimmel mentions "clown question" and Bryce awkwardly says "you must be from Toronto" like it was a clever retort.  It was not.

4.  Kimmel shows the clip of the senator saying "clown question" and Harper says "I guess he's a big fan" in a very smug way.

5.  Bryce says "I live at Caesar's" "My pools the fountains" "They have no clue" and...

"I told somebody I lived on the pirate ship in Treasure Island they actually believed me"

6.  Bryce brings up a crappy casino, Sunset Station, says its nice sarcastically and the audience doesn't get the joke.  Kimmel tries to sort of explain for a second.

7.  Bryce jokes about how cold it is.

8.  Bryce says he was upset that Jimmy Kimmel wasn't at his home debut.

9. Bryce Harper on the Dodgers fan who mooned him during his first major league at bat.  "I guess the full moon comes out when things are going good"

"I Wish The Guy Would Have Let Me Sign His Butt Or Something"
10.  Kimmel asks about Bryce sleeping with his bat, and Bryce awkwardly brings up that he hit himself in the face, a bad callback to what he did his first week in the league.

11.  Bryce says "PB & Honey" trying to get Kimmel to delve deeper into him eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Kimmel doesn't care.

12.  Bryce talks about how he showers multiple times a day, Kimmel says it shows because he smells nice, and Harper says "you smell fabulous"

13.  Salutes & Thumbs up...

Well that was fun!

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