A Letter From A Young Fan To Gio Gonzalez

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear Gio,

All of this talk about you being connected to performance enhancing drugs has my head spinning.  I believe in you, and I know you would never do such a thing.  I know you are a kind young man.  I know there is goodness in your heart.  I know you are trustworthy, honest, and loving.

I remember when I first had the opportunity to meet you in person.  My mother and I were at the Dulles Town Center and I got to meet you and Tyler Moore.  You had us both cracking up with your goofy antics.  Then my mom snapped a photo of you stuffing your face with Chick-Fil-A and you gave me a waffle fry and told me that we were even since we were both stuffing our faces.

I also had the opportunity to go down to Miami to watch the last Marlins series.  You were signing autographs for every fan.  It didn't matter if they were wearing a Marlins jersey or a Nationals jersey, you never rejected anyone.

You provided me with so many memories.  I will never forget the time you pitched your first career shutout, or the time when you hit your first home run (thinking you had a double).

No matter what happens with this bogus story, myself and Nats fans will always love you!  You are an amazing pitcher and whenever you are on the mound you make me smile.  I will always watch you pitch and I hope for the best for you next season.

Most importantly, unless you tell me that unicorns aren't real, I believe you.  And no matter what happens, you will always have fans who will support your every step in your journey. Through thick and thin. Never forget that Nats town loves you!

 Yours Truly,

Alexandra (@natsfan20)

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