Nationals Racing President Bill: William Howard Taft Welcomed

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Washington Nationals unveiled their newest racing president on Saturday afternoon at Natsfest, William Howard Taft, or "Bill" as they are going to call him.  I think "Taft" is a better option, but it doesn't fit into their little first name basis naming scheme.  Whatever.

Everyone and their mother was on hand for the unveiling, a slew of reporters and photographers crowding the stage like Bryce Harper was going to come out.  Instead it was for a giant mascot.  When Bryce was up on stage, the cameras were much fewer.  Charlie Slowes couldn't believe the media frenzy, and neither could I.

By now you have probably seen 100 fan videos of the William Howard Taft press conference, so we shook things up with our version of the event.  Check it out:

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