Return Of The Rally Pigeon Boosts Nats To Comeback Victory

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, August 24, 2014

Well, maybe the players had something to do with it....

I don't know what it is with pigeons and baseball but those guys seem to love the game. They also appear to have no fear at all of being run over by a sprinting outfielder or getting hit with a hard line drive up the middle. On Sunday afternoon with the Nationals trailing 6-2 to the San Francisco Giants, a pigeon made its way onto the outfield grass behind 2nd base. What happened next was one of the most amazing innings of baseball of 2014, and another huge Nationals comeback.

The rally pigeon is not a new thing for the Nats. Every once and a while a new rally pigeon (or rally napkin) will hit the field. But this one was good for a 6th inning where all 9 batters got a hit in the same inning! (and 6 runs & a lead) Incredible.  The offense generated after this dumb bird showed up was enough for #RallyPigeon to trend locally on Twitter, and for multiple Rally Pigeon Twitter accounts to start beefing online.

What was also remarkable about this pigeon is the sheer guts it had. The thing did not move no matter what came its way. The bird was almost Randy Johnson'd by a Danny Espinosa base hit and it didn't even flinch.

Eventually Bryce Harper and Denard Span chased the pigeon away, but the damage was done, and the Nats walked away with a 14-6 victory.

At the end of the game, soft spoken Nats outfielder Jayson Werth even brought up the Rally Pigeon. "We have great fans, we had a rally pigeon, what more can you ask for". From the fans perspective the answer to that question is "nothing...absolutely nothing".

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