Rally Napkin, Latest Nats Meme?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A random Napkin blowing around Coors Field got FP Santangelo excited as it stuck to the leg of Danny Espinosa standing on first base.  FP dubbed it the "rally napkin" and moments later the 0-0 game was 3-0 in favor of the Nationals.

Great Rally Napkin coverage by MASN as FP went on to bring up the Rally Napkin several more times in the game.  #Napkintude!  The Nats score 12 runs thanks to Napkin.  Yet another Nats Meme for the internet to go crazy about.  (Remember Red Rally Balloon Caps Fans?)

Oh who is that watching Ian Desmond drive in a bunch of runs.  And who is out there during Tyler Moore's 3 run BOMB?  Why it's Rally Napkin!

More quotes from the broadcast:

"8 runs after the Rally Napkin on Danny Espinosa's left leg" - FP

"go out and get your rally napkins, they're cheap" - FP

"you can get them at any fine fast food restaurant in the DC area" - Carp

"I'll tape rally napkins all over my body for 9 [runs]" - FP

"I'll use one that's got ketchup on it [for 9 runs]" - Carp

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