Matt Kemp Ruins The Homerun Derby, MLB's Move

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apparently there is such a thing as a "captain" of the home run derby, and the National League captain Matt Kemp has said that he will NOT be selecting Bryce Harper as a participant in the MLB Home Run Derby during All-Star Weekend in Kansas City. (According to USA Today)

You may remember Matt Kemp from earlier this season when he started the year off with triple crown numbers.  Well Kemp got hurt and he hasn't played in a game since the end of May.  That didn't stop the MLB from naming Kemp the captain of the National League Home-Run Derby "team?" a few weeks ago.  (Robinson Cano is the AL captain).

Kemp did an amazing job in last year's derby, hitting 2 homers in the first round and finishing in dead last in an embarrassing display of non-power.  But even after that performance, Major League baseball has decided that despite being injured, he should captain the squad.

Clearly Major League Baseball chose Kemp because of his star power.  He plays on the team in Los Angeles, he PWNs Rhianna (along with 20 other dudes), and he goes on talk shows like Conan to claim he can beat Magic Johnson one on one.

But that is the exact reason the MLB should have a word with Kemp, and make him reconsider.

Having an intriguing rookie, who is right now MORE popular in the baseball world than Matt Kemp, would bring in viewers.  All the hype behind Harper, and some of his performance this season will get even non-baseball fans interested in watching the kid try to compete with the big boys.   Chris Berman would have a field day...

Kemp says that Harper will have his day in the future, but A 23 year old Harper in a homerun derby will NOT have the same feel and excitement as a 19 year old rookie Harper.  Could Matt Kemp be jealous...

This event has no rich tradition.  It is not about who has better stats.  It is a SIDESHOW and sideshows need ATTRACTIONS to attract onlookers.  Bryce Harper is that attraction.

So I have a message for Major League Baseball.  Get up, go to the phone, and call Matt Kemp.  Tell him that making him a captain was just a publicity stunt, and that Bryce Harper will be participating in the Home Run Derby.   If you don't you are missing out on a boatload of viewers and making a joke of something that already is one.

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