The Jayson Werth 3 Point Basketball Helmet Shot, Latest Nationals Celebration

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Nats are having some serious fun right now. And with that fun comes new ways to celebrate homeruns.  The classic Gum Showers and Hugs & Low Tens that made 2012 such a fun year have moved on, but leave it to the Nats to think up some fresh celebrations as they push towards the playoffs in 2014.  Their latest celebration?  The Jayson Werth 3 Point Helmet shot. Check out these GIFs:

Actually deriving from the Ian Desmond helmet steal (Desmond takes off a Nats player's helmet after they hit a homerun), this new move involves stealing the helmet and then passing it over to Jayson Werth. Werth then finds a human basketball hoop and tosses the helmet, nothing but net, as his teammates throw up the three point sign and everyone high fives.  Here's an example of this move in action.

This celebration just started at the end of the homestand, but Jayson Werth started off making a case to be a new addition to the roster of the Washington Wizards. Werth was 3 for 3 from downtown and it looked like he would never miss.  But just as Nats announcer FP Santangelo was hyping him up, Werth shot the brick of all bricks, almost killing someone with the rebound.

Being the true professional that he is, Werth didn't let the miss get him down. He ripped down the monster rebound and then slam dunked the helmet home for the easy 2 points.  DAGGER!  Nats Win!

If you aren't sure how this whole thing works, here are step by step instructions you can share with your friends:

We also have some cool vines to see as well:

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