2012 Memories: The Dubble Bubble Gum Shower

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nats Celebrations: Gum Showers

Danny Espinosa hit a go-ahead 3 run homer during the Washington Nationals game against the Miami Marlins on August 5th.  As he walked into the dugout, tiny yellow pellets rained down on the Nats second baseman.  No, FP Santangelo, that ain't popcorn.  The Nationals bubblegum Dubble Bubble shower was born. (First noticed by Nats Enquirer)

Gum celebrations weren't new to 2012.  Back during the 2011 season after a Matt Stairs walk-off homer he had a bucket of gum dumped on his head during the post game interview.  But Morse took it up a notch for 2012 adding an airborn 3-D gum explosion.

The Nats showered players with gum at various parts of the 2012 season, typically being led by the gum ringleader Michael Morse who was responsible for chucking 2 full buckets of gum at Danny Espionsa on that first night.

Other clutch homers were met with gum showers, and at one point of the season Gio Gonzalez gave Ross Detwiler his own personal shower during a live TV interview.

The Nats had a season full of celebrations, and we will look at more of them later.  Who's job is it to clean up all that gum?


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