Top 5 Nats Vines Of The Weekend

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, August 24, 2014

It has been one heck of a ride at Nats park with the boys pulling off 9 wins of a 10 game homestand. The weekend series alone was packed with so much entertainment that we had to come up with a list of the top Nats vines from the weekend. Well now the fun part. You get to watch all the Nats magic happen, over and over and over and over and over again! And lucky for you, it is very Jayson Werth heavy:

1. The Newest Nats Homerun Celebration

Jayson Werth and the Washington Nationals dugout perform their new Homerun 3 Point Basketball Helmet Shot Celebration with perfect execution. Jayson Werth is the goto shooter of this new Natitude packed routine that was on display every homerun this weekend.

2. Bryce Absolutely Crushes A Baseball

Bryce Harper hit his first homerun since August 14th on Sunday. Not only did he go yard, he went with authority and almost took out the poor right field foul pole.

3. Jayson Werth Gives #RallyPigeon Some Dap

A random bird showed up at Nats Park again and right after the Nats came back from a 4 run defecit in an inning that featured 6 runs and all 9 Nats batters getting on base. It really was incredible, and of course, it was all because of #RallyPigeon.

4. Jayson Werth Messes Up The New Celebration

I guess you can't hit every shot. Werth attempted another 3 point helmet shot and this time totally laid a brick. Luckily, Werth had the wherewithal to get the ball (helmet) back and drive to the hoop for the easy slam dunk. FACIAL!

5. Jayson Werth Does His Famous Slide Stop Again

Jayson Werth rounded 3rd base the other night and decided that he was going to stop. But Werth only knows one way to stop. To slide. Here he is doing something so simple that the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins can not even do.

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