Screech, G-Wiz, and Slapshot Dance & Gangnam Style

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who doesn't love when mascots rock out to popular dance songs?  The answer is nobody.  The following video was taken by a fan at a Nats game and it features 4 "local" mascots getting down to some poppin' beats, of course ending in Gangnam style (as all mascot bits do).

You've got the Nationals mascot Screech leading the way, the Wizards and Caps mascots (G-Wiz & Slapshot) on the sides, and for some reason the University of Delaware Blue Hen, YoUDee.  It appears to be inflatable versions of the back 3 guys.  Enjoy:

The songs include Started From The Bottom (Drake), Krazy (Pitbull & Lil' John), You Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive) and Gangnam Style (Psy)

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