Rally Runway: Newest Member Of FP's Exclusive Rally Club

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 15, 2013

FP Santangelo is a very superstitious broadcaster.  Anytime the Nationals have any type of rally, he looks for certain things that cause said rally.  And no, he isn't thinking about good baseball.  He is thinking about objects.

We call the collection of Rally Mascots "FP's Rally Club".  It's an exclusive club for those people/places/things/ideas that have helped the Washington Nationals score runs.  Following are some of the members.

And if you think that helping the Nats score 1 run is gonna get you in, think again.  Serious members only.

The member's only club features such Rally objects as:

...and the newest member...Rally Runway.  So how was the newest member inducted into the club?

In the 4th inning of a 6-0 stomping of the Marlins, the MASN crew showed a video of the team plane landing at the airport from the nose of the plane.  It was a really cool shot.  FP was excited about it, and then moments later, Ryan Zimmerman hit a 2 run homer that went higher than the airplane.

"You wanted a rally runway you got it. There it is, put your seat belts on, your tray tables up, and your setbacks in the original upright position Because Ryan Zimmerman is hitting one into the Clevelander" -FP

The Rally Runway was born and good for 2 runs...Welcome to the club...

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