Nats Rally Kid, Comes & Goes, Rally Tent Created

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well FP Santangelo has created yet another Nats Rally mascot.  First there was Rally Napkin.  Then there was Rally Carp.  Now Meet Rally Kid:

In the 6th inning Edwin Jackson tossed a Ryan Zimmerman foul ball to a kid in the crowd.  FP Santangelo dubbed it "Rally Karma" as the Nats went on to hit two straight doubles and score a run.

"You give a kid a baseball good things have to happen don't they" -FP

Rally kid was shown several times pounding his foul ball with his Bob Ueker bobblehead but Bob Carpenter cooled the rally down by saying "If this team get's another double, I'm sending him some cotton candy, crackerjacks, whatever he wants for the rest of the day"  After that comment there were three straight outs.

After the inning FP basically said that the kid was good for a run, but he is done because he couldn't produce more.  So Farewell Rally Kid, your 5 minutes of Nats fame was fun...But you have a Brewer's shirt on...come on, you had no chance to be a long-term Nationals lucky charm.

Later in the game Carpenter talked about how long the game was and how fans may need to pitch a tent in their living room.  FP said he would be down for that if it was a Rally Tent.  Bam:

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