Jayson Werth Talks About His Game 4 Homer

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 22, 2013

The Washington Nationals sat down with Jayson Werth to go over his amazing at bat that ended in a walk-off playoff homerun that Nats fans will never forget.  The video was posted on MLB.com and then played before Monday night's game with the St. Lois Cardinals, their first matchup since the Cards eliminated the Nats from the playoffs in terrible fashion.

Check out the video and then rewatch my favorite video, the Game 4 experience from the crowd.

Werth goes through a pitch by pitch recollection of the event, and tells you what is going through his mind throughout the at bat.  Good Stuff.

Apparently this video was shown with the Cardinals on the field for BP.  Not sure how great an idea that is.

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