Nationals Ask Fans For Advice With Some Funny Results

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 22, 2013

What would you change about the Washington Nationals game experience?  I'm sure you have plenty of ideas.  Personally I spend half the big games waiting in line for bathrooms and starving to death because I don't want to miss 4 innings to get food, so I'd try to improve those aspects.

Well the Washington Nationals decided to setup an online suggestion box on Betterific and used a Facebook Post to get additional comments from fans.  As expected, hilarity ensued.

Everyone's a Comedian Responses:

Everyone's The Only One Who Thought Of That Responses:

Everyone's a GM Responses:

Everyone's a Stingy Alcoholic Responses:

Terrance Hate Responses:

Everyone's Perfect Answers:

Good work!  There were actually some good & interesting ideas in between all of them and I feel sorry for the person who has to fish them out of all the other comments.  If you are interested in making suggestions and voting, visit the Nats Betterific Page.

What do I think is going to come out of this?  More disgusting vegetarian food...

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