Anthony Rendon Loses Helmet, Picks Up First Major League Hit

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 22, 2013

With Ryan Zimmerman's hamstring in some trouble, the Washington Nationals were forced to call up their top minor league prospect Anthony Rendon. With his family and girlfriend in the crowd, in front of a home Nationals Park, Rendon picked up his first major league hit and RBI both at the same time. The RBI tied the game for the Nats, a huge run in what looks to be a tough ballgame.

The GIF of the play, and what happend 2 pitches earlier with his helmet, after the jump.

Rendon was thrust directly into the starting lineup and had a tough opening game.  With his family forced to watch from home after an issue with the airlines, Rendon went 0-4 from the plate and committed an error in the game.  This game was probably much more memorable.

And here's what it looked like from the crowd:

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