The Story Behind Gio Gonzalez Captain America Bat

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gio Gonzalez's Custom Captain America Baseball Bat

Early in the Nationals 2012 season, Gio Gonzalez showed off his custom personal baseball bat to Kristina Akra of MASN.  This white Chandler bat features an image of the comic book character Captain America with the following text inscription:  "The Real Captain America - Gio Gonzalez - 'Just What The Doc Ordered' "  The handle of the bat is stained red which fades into the white color at the head of the bat right before the imprints begin..  Here are three sections of the bat:

So where did the bat come from?  Gio said it was a gift from "The Doc" which I believe refers to Thomas Doc Haveron who often refers to Gio as his "nephew" so I'm guessing it is his uncle.

"This was a gift from Doc who gave this to me.  He said it's a token of whats to me it was an honor and a gift that he gave this to me, I'm a big fan of comics."

Gio said Doc (who was the official chiropractor of the New Jersey Nets) introduced him to Brook Lopez of the New York Nets basketball team who is also a comic book fan.  LOL.  "Magneto Was Right"  Here is a picture of Gio and Brook before a Nats @ Mets game back on April 11, 2012.  Oh hey, look at the bat in Gio's hand.  Looks familiar!

Pic Via MLB

On an episode of the MLB Network show Intentional Talk, Gio said the following about the bat:

"Believe it or not that is a very powerful bat. It only stays in my locker when I need some more energy."

I do not believe that Gio ever uses this bat to actually hit because he wouldn't want to ruin this great gift.  Anyways.  Cool story!  Hope this informed you.

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