Take Your Pants Off, Nats Win!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is one of the sayings that is thrown all over the place on Twitter after a big Nationals win:

"Take Your Pants Off"

Via @DarkMeatHook
Now that is a very interesting thing to do concerning a baseball game outcome.  However, it just sounds like the right thing to do after watching a Bryce Harper game winning single.   Take your pants off!  Tyler Clippard save... Take your pants off!   Nats win...Take your pants off!

So where did this phrase come from?

The person who brought the saying to the Nationals world is @DCYetti.  You should most def follow him if you are down with the district.

Yetti used to watch every Nats game and throw out different congratulatory phrases.  The pants comment, taken from one of his favorite Radio shows, garnered a lot of Twitter fan reaction and others began to pick up the phrase.  The rest is history.

The radio show was hosted by local radio legends Big O and Dukes who use different variations of the phrase with a basic premise of 'pants' and 'off'.  They use the phrase to show excitement.

You probably know Chad Dukes from the radio show he shares with LaVar Arrington on 106.7 the fan. (and his awesome wrestling show/blog) Well if you didn't know, before he was a sports guy he was actually on a different type of radio show...anyways...
Even the Rally Napkin has his own version of this phrase that has been posted after several Nats wins:

So remember, any time the Nationals win it's PANTS OFF!

Clearly this saying goes back way beyond the Nationals, and if you want to give me a better explanation that would be fantastic.  I've heard Dukes say it on the radio and I'm still not sure the actual origin.  Let's do some crowdsourcing and improve this post!

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