Michael Morse And His A-Ha Walk Up Song 'Take On Me'

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, September 21, 2012

So if you're a new fan, you probably don't know most of the stuff we do at the park. So here is what we like to call "Nats 4 N00bz." Today's Nats 4 N00bz written by Sandra Luciel (@NatsGirl19 on Twitter).

Picture this - you're at your first game at Nationals Park. It's the bottom of the eighth...Michael Morse is doing his special warm up stuff and the song "Take On Me" by A-Ha begins to play. Suddenly and with no warning, everyone starts singing the song. You, of course, are confused - why is everyone singing this song? Why does the guy behind you sound like he swallowed a frog?


Have a listen to 30,000 people singing the song from a late season 2012 Nats game:

Singing along to "Take On Me" when it plays for Michael has become one of the newest traditions at the ballpark. It seems like as the season goes along more and more people sing along to it.I'm not sure exactly how long it's been a 'thing' here, but it's certainly a fun 'thing'. The PA announcer stops the song for the at bat, but the crowd continues to sing.

Here is video from Game 4 of the Playoffs, with the song sung by 40,000+:

George Mason basketball does this the best with their crowd singing Bon Jovi Living On A Prayer after the music stops.

Fast Forward to 7:45 to Morse Singing it himself

This is arguably one of the most entertaining parts of the game, because when the drunk guy behind you or the tone-deaf woman in front of you sings off key it makes you feel like Katy Perry. Nationals announcer FP Santangelo always says that when it is over that 40,000 people are

"Patting themselves on the back and cheering for being off key"

And here are Bryce Harper & Jayson Werth singing it off-key:

And if you don't know the words to the part that is played as Michael walks up, here they are:

Take on me, (Take On Me)
Take me on, (Take On Me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two

Sometimes they play half of a verse before that, but they stop the song short when Michael steps into the box. But without fail, every time, the crowd sings the whole chorus. It's beautiful, really.

Also, don't do the wave. Ever.

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