Nats 4 n00bz: Bob Carpenter's Scorebook

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, June 14, 2012

With the Nationals record increasing and the legends of Harper & Strasburg growing, many people are hopping on the Nats bandwagon.  So we are going to find out some things that a typical fan may not know and post them here for your enjoyment to fill your brain with useless knowledge.

We all know Bob Carpenter from watching Nats games on MASN.  He has been working the games since 2006 with a variety of color guys.  But Bob has been in baseball for almost 30 years and has called thousands of games in his time.  Over that long span Bob has come up with a few patented tips and tricks.

One of the things that some baseball fans don't know is that many if not all announcers sit up in the box and keep score the old fashion way.  On paper.  (I know, I assumed they were watching MLB Gameday)  So what are they keeping score with?  The stadium program?  A sheet of computer paper?

Perhaps they are using Bob Carpenter's Baseball Score Book.  "The most comprehensive scorebook in baseball"  *Now With Whiter Pages*

So what is the big deal with this book?

It appears there are lots of extra spaces to keep track of lots of pointless things that help announcers get through 3 hours of commentary each night.  Somehow it all fits into a regular letter size sheet of paper.  It even has slots for umpires.

Note: Watch Interview with Rally Kid where the dad claims this is false

Carpenter sells these books on his web site, one version that is more for professionals and one version that is for fans.  The books range from $25 for fan to $40 for professional.

Some notable announcers that have use the book include Peter Gammons, Orel Hershiser, and Joe Morgan.  But Bob lists hundreds of other announcers that also use the book.

One notable name not there is F.P. Santangelo who could possibly be keeping score on colored construction paper.  He often says that in his score book he is scoring errors as hits, singles as doubles, and other bizarre things.

Update:  After a Nats Yankees game went > 10 innings, FP showed everyone how he taped 2 scorecards together.  Carp then sarcastically told him that there were books available with 15 innings (aka his book).  FP then complained that it wasn't free.  Awesome.

So next season before you start keeping score in some random scorebook you bought at Modell's, consider getting the book with the "durable cover"...Bob Carpenter's Baseball Scorebook...

Oh and if you keep score and are under 90 years old, let me know in comments...

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  1. Haha when I was younger and we still had Orioles season tickets I kept score sometimes in the programs they sold before the games.

  2. I'm 37 and keep score! It's awesome.

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