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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pic via House Of Leagues

Gio Gonzalez started his own apparel collection in the summer of 2012 called House of Leagues.  Via a January article from Hat Life:

"Gio Gonzalez, an MLB pitcher for the Washington Nationals, launched a new apparel collection called The House of Leagues. He is also interested in starting a hat line and accessory collections."

The web site doesn't have any clothes up yet but Ross Detwiler tweeted a picture of one of the House of Leagues shirts that Gio Gonzalez gave him.  It was from his Stickball Boy Collection.  (via House of Leagues press release)

"The ‘Stickball” collection features graphics with a twisted element in the baseball culture. A stick-figure insignia along with imagery significant to traditional baseball concessions including hot dogs and beers appear on each design."

Cool Shirt Bro!  Baseball + Culture + Fashion!  There is also a "Stickball Girl" character too.  A baseball with a pink bow.  You can see her on the girl below

Pics Via House Of Leagues

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