Nats Dugout Exhibits Teamwork On Alley-Oop Homerun Celebration

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It seems like every single night during this crazy homerun barrage the Nationals are putting on there is a variation of their 2014 homerun basketball helmet shot celebration.  At one point Jayson Werth was shooting 3 pointers, Gio Gonzalez was almost decapitated, and on Monday night half the dugout got involved with a 5 man alley-oop helmet dunk after a Jayson Werth homerun. Check out the GIF of this somewhat excessively complicated but hella-fun routine.

You got Werth walking in the dugout after his homer. Ian Desmond stealing the helmet and throwing the high arcing (to avoid the blocked shot) pass to Kevin Frandsen who skies for the ball like it is a rebound. Frandsen then goes two handed underhand granny pass to the high flying Jordan Zimmermann who catches the ball in the air and slams the helmet into the Doug Fister basket.


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