Gio Gonzalez Gets Hit In Head During Celebration, Suits Up In Body Armor

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, September 1, 2014

The picture above may look a little strange to Nats fans. It is Gio Gonzalez wearing a catcher's mask and a batting helmet (on forwards). So why is the Nationals starting pitcher suited up? To protect himself from flying helmets during homerun celebrations of course...seriously.  Watch the hit Gio took that caused him to take drastic defensive matters.

Gio Gonzalez told MASN sideline reporter Dan Kolko that he got "drilled" on the side of the head after Bryce Harper's 2nd homer (the 1st was a blast), and MASN Dan suggested shutting it down. However, in the next inning it looked like Gonzalez figured out a safe way to keep the celebration rolling as seen above.

The Nats have been doing the helmet toss basketball homerun celebration for a while and it keeps changing up each time with more passes, blocks, dunks, shots, and whatever improv the guys can come up with. We'll see if they keep it up after the takedown of Gio.

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