Hit It Here, Bryce Harper's Mammoth Homerun

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, September 1, 2014

Bryce Harper is starting to get his power back. After hitting a homerun on Friday night against the Mariners, Harper crushed 2 more blasts on Sunday. His first of the day was an absolute shot, crushed to right field and off of the glass panels of the Hit It Here Cafe (in-stadium restaurant), barely missing the painted bullseye logo. See how close Harper was.

Yeah, that was pretty close. FP suggested if he hit the logo he would win the stadium, Bob said he would win a salmon buffet. Here's another look at the landing point (that tiny white dot is the ball...poor baseball).

Nationals announcer FP Santangelo was quite impressed...some of his quotes.

"...like you can't get it any better than he got"

"...i thought it was going upper upper UPPER deck"

"...heads up in the Hit It Here Cafe"

"...heads up for the eggs benedict"

And without club music

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