Dodgers Sunbather Greatest Thing Ever

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, September 4, 2014

If you were watching yesterday's marathon Nats vs Dodgers game (and hanging out on Twitter) you probably saw the sunbathing Dodgers fan chilling shirtless in the bleachers down the first base line. The guy was so visible that it looked like Nats Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann even took a quick peek from the mound before an inning.

Later in the game, after the original sighting, a Dodgers fan at the game posted the ultimate photo of the guy. This may be the greatest baseball fan photo of all time. Check it out.

This pic is actually epic. And not in the way that every single Internet false headline uses the word. Dude is passed out shirtless with tall empty beers next to him and a half eaten hot dog in his hand. You sir, are the man.

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