Yesterday's Dodgers vs Nats Game, GIF'd

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It would take 39 blog posts to describe what happened during last night's Nats 14 inning victory over the Dodgers. So we'll just let these GIFs do the explaining...

First 6 1/2 innings (0-0)

Dodgers hit a homer off J-Zim (2-0 Dodgers)

Adam LaRoche comes off the bench like Kirk Gibson to tie the game in the 9th inning (2-2)

Then Span drives in the "winning" run (3-2 Nats)

Jayson Werth drops the game winning out and the Dodgers tie the game. (3-3)

Cendeno & Barrett shut down a bases loaded 1 out walk-off situation. (3-3)

Adam LaRoche comes through AGAIN with 2 RBIs in the 12th...(5-3 Nats)

Carl Crawford hits a shocking homer in the bottom of the 12th (5-5)

The Nats come back and win in the 14th (8-5)

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