Davey Johnson Song, No Letup In My Lineup

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 12, 2013

Bob Carpenter has been mentioning the past few games a quote that he received from Davey Johnson.  According to Bob, the Nats skipper said that there was "No Letup" in the lineup.  Of course, Carp took that quote and turned it into something a little more fun.

Carpenter said it sounded like a country music song, and FP Santangelo suggested that it would be on the internet in "5 minutes".  Well it took us a little longer than 5 minutes, but we came up with that song.

Yes, even the pitcher can crush homers...that's why Gio is in there...Also, here is Bob's last country song, Big Man Waiting, the Michael Morse on deck song.

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