Dog Nats Fan Finn At Washington Nationals Pups In The Park

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Finn.  Finn is 8 years old and is a huge Washington Nationals fan.  Finn loves going to games and even gets to go down on the field before games sometimes.  Oh...did I mention that Finn is a dog?

Despite our difference in species, I decided to interview the Tibetan Terrier about his experience at the first Nats Pups In The Park day of 2013.  His owner (sorry, friend) Jen from Alexandria, said it was Ok and me and Finn got to barking. Here's what happened:

Finn marching patriotically in the puppy parade

Me:  Ruff Ruff Ruff...Oh...Do you mind if I speak English so the readers who don't speak dog can understand?

Finn: Ruff...I mean yes.

Me:  How did you hear about this event?

Finn: My owner went on the Google machine and it told her that we should go.

Me:  Tell me about the Pups in the Park Parade. I heard you got to march around the field before the game.

Finn: It was really exciting.  There were about 500 other dogs involved and we all got to walk around the perimeter of Nats Park.  I even got to see Stephen Strasburg up close and personal as he was in the dugout watching all the pups go by!

Stephen Strasburg enjoying the Pups in the Park Parade at Nats Park

Me:  Where did you sit for the ballgame?

Finn: The Nationals had a special VIP section for super important dogs just like me called the Pup Zone.  They had all you can drink water, and lots of space to walk around and have fun.  I spent most of the games sitting in my seat just like the humans!

Me:  I know you are a good apple.  I heard you were a certified therapy dog.  But were there any bad dogs? Any dogs have too many beers and get out of hand?

Finn: None of the dogs were drinking beer, we have nowhere to keep our IDs.  All the other fans [dogs] seemed well behaved.  There were a lot of different pups of all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds and everyone was getting along great.  Humans could learn from us!

Finn Chillin' with his peeps

Me:  Um...kind of awkward...but what was the dog bathroom situation?

Finn: Let's just say it was AWESOME.  We never had to wait in the long bathroom lines! We had our own personal sod field right behind our section.  I didn't miss a single pitch!  I think that the owner humans were picking up after us too, but I'm too special to deal with that.

Me:  Did you have fun? Would you do it again?

Finn: It was the best day EVER.  I really hope Jen takes me again!  I got to get outside, socialize with other dogs, and do a fun activity while spending time with Jen. Plus I got to watch my favorite team play baseball!  I just wish that Bryce Harper's puppy Swag was there.

Wow, sounded like a fun day for people with dogs.  Thanks a lot to Jen from Alexandria and her dog Finn.  Check out Finn and his puppy parade experience on YouTube.  (You probably have to click through due to music)

The Nationals will be holding 3 more Pups in the Park days during the 2013 season on the following dates.  More ticket info here.  The proceeds went to benefit the Washington Humane Society.


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