2012 Memories: Bryce Harper Breaks Bats

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Broken Bats Everywhere

If it ain't about the money Puff I just don't care...

Bryce Harper showed his anger issues throughout the 2012 season.  From giving himself stitches early in the season to tossing helmets, Harper had quite the fiery attitude.  One of the ways Bryce liked to express his frustration with himself was by breaking baseball bats like they were toothpicks.

There were at least three incidents during the 2012 season where bats didn't just "die a hero" as FP Santangelo would say, but instead died a victim of rage. (GIFs at the bottom)

Broken Bat #1:  July 16th vs the Miami Marlins

The first bat breaking event took place just one day after Ozzie Guillen screamed at Bryce Harper for an incident involving pine tar and bat pointing.  After lining out following a hard fought at bat, Harper was visually angry.  The cameras caught him walking into the dugout where the rookie proceeded to break his bat over his knee Bo Jackson style.

Broken Bat #2:  August 5th vs the Miami Marlins

The second incident happened in a place a little more visible than the shadows of the dugout.  This time Harper broke his bat by slamming it on home plate in the batter's box after striking out.  Bryce later apologized to the catcher, John Buck, who was in the vicinity where the chunks of shattered bat that were flying everywhere.

Broken Bat #3:  August 20th vs the Atlanta Braves

The third bat shattering was much like the second, a strikeout & smash, this time ending with Bryce Harper walking back to the dugout with pieces of bat in hand.


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Quotes to the media referenced from the Miami Sun Sentinal

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