Bryce Harper Smashes His Bat On Home Plate In Frustration

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, August 5, 2012

On Sunday afternoon during the Miami Marlins vs Washington Nationals game, Bryce Harper struck out in the 4th inning.  Harper has been in a slump and he has been striking out a lot.  The frustration finally boiled up and Harper took it out on the bat.

After the strikeout Harper smashed his bat on home plate, shattering it.  He picked up a few of the pieces and walked back to the dugout.  At least he didn't smash his head in like he did before.

(On his next at bat, Bryce Harper apologized to the home plate umpire for doing it)

And a gif for your amusement:

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You can watch the video here, but the Gif is clearly better

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