Larry & Lawrence Leadoff, & The Many Personalities Of Jayson Werth

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, September 21, 2012

Earlier in the season, the Washington Nationals announcer FP Santangelo began calling Jayson Werth "Larry Leadoff".  This was after Davey Johnson put Werth into the leadoff spot and since then, Werth has done nothing but produce.

After Werth started getting on base multiple times, FP changed the moniker to "Lawrence Leadoff" and said that once Werth gets on multiple times, you have to add more respect and be formal.

On the broadcast of Thursday night's game, where Jayson Werth was on base multiple times once again, and Bob Carpenter & FP began to joke about changing his nickname after each time on base, including the titles "Sir" and "Doctor"

I threw on a 5th one, in case Werth gets on base 5 times, and here they are:

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