Severe Jammage: The Bob Carpenter Jammage Meter

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, August 13, 2012

If you've watched a Nationals game, you have most likely heard Bob Carpenter use his famous baseball phrase; JAMMAGE.  Jammage occurs when a pitcher throws an inside pitch that ends up "jamming" the hitter, causing them to get horrible contact on the small part of their bad, typically resulting in an easy pop-up.

FP has started to bring it up every time Bob uses Jammage, and the other night during the broadcast he came up with a "Jammage Scale".  Because of that, we have created the patented Bob Carpenter Jammage meter.

The device can be used by announcers to determine exactly how much Jammage was involved with a particular at bat.  That way, they can more accurately describe the jammage.  I mean don't you hate it when a clueless announcer says that it is "severe jammage" when the jammage is in fact "serious".  Well this should help him out in the future!

Here are Bob & FP talking about it on the air!

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  1. Name-dropped on the broadcast, good stuff

  2. I will admit that Bob uses that word way too much.

  3. Major props from Carp tonight!

  4. This is funny...

    "Could you describe the jammage, sir?"

  5. The question is whether Bob and his colloquialisms hang around long enough for him to become ensconced as the Nats Harry Caray, or to use an Oklahoma example, Bob Barry Sr.