Nationals Pitchers Fooling Around

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, August 13, 2012

On Monday night before the Nationals took on the Giants, FP Santangelo sat down with Gio Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg, and Jordan Zimmermann to joke around and talk some baseball.

Gio:  I'm also tryin to get a Colgate Commercial

Stras:  It's not workin'

Zimm:  You couldn't get a Colgate smile 2 years ago with those teeth

Gio:  I got them volcano, some cave teeth, somethin like that

More Highlights:
  • Gio called their seating arrangement the "Cuban Sandwich" 
  • "It's a long season, so, sometimes it's good to just laugh a little" -Strasburg
  • They said that they talk a lot of baseball, they study a lot of what's going on in the game, and the jokes are just in between.
  • Gio says Strasburg is so intimidating on his pitching days that you need to "bring a bulletproof vest" 
  • "If you swing for the fences every time, you're bound to run into one!" -Strasburg
  • "It would have been a flyball if it wasn't in Houston" -Zimm on Gio's homer
  • Who's pickin up the tab at a restaurant? They all pointed to each other.

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