Happy New Year! Bryce Harper Is Back On Twitter

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bryce Harper tried Twitter once before.  It didn't quite work out so well.  Harper tweeted about loving the Yankees and Cowboys (not a great idea for the city) then tweeted about how he didn't like any of the DC Sports teams.  (Read more from Wash Post)
Harper quit his account (someone else scooped it up and all his followers).

Well now Bryce Harper is back.  At least, someone on his PR team is.

Bryce's people probably saw that Twitter was a great marketing tool for a player, and a great way for players to connect with fans, so they probably encouraged him to start a new account.  However, unlike last time, other people will most likely be involved.  In fact, the new Bryce account's second tweet was a picture of Under Armour gloves.  $$$$.

Expect a lot of "I love mom & dad", "I love DC", and "Here is a product you can buy!"

Most likely either some ghost writer will be posting everything, or Bryce will be submitting all his tweets to his people for review before post.  Either way, if you are a Nationals fan you should be following the new @BHarper3407 even if it is a censored, watered down, make people happy version.

Of course, I didn't talk to Bryce, but this seems to be the smart move.


  1. I have to say... If I were a professional athlete, that's EXACTLY what I'd do with Twitter.

    1. It is the right move, but not the fun move. Not sure if you remember Stephan Marbury and Gilbert Arenas' Twitter meltdowns. Those were fun!