FP Santangelo Calls The Cops On Annoying Clapper Then Gives Him A Present

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, September 11, 2012

During Tuesday night's broadcast of the Nationals vs Mets game, a clapping fan sitting outside of the press box was driving Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo crazy.

At one point in the broadcast you could hear FP "SHHHHHHH" ing the guy.  Then later in the game you could hear the guy clap a few times and Bob Carpenter started cracking up.  It may have been worse than screaming Astros fan?  Should I interview this guy?

At one point FP took to the telestrator to delete the fan from the game.  It did not work.

"That's the clapper. Dude, knock it off alright.  We are SO DONE with whatever you are clapping about.  It is not that exciting, trust me." -FP Santangelo

That quote was followed by clapping...can't win...listen to the clip below:

Later in the broadcast, FP told security to ask the kid to stop clapping.  FP demanded prison time, but security guy just told him to stop.  In return for the compliance, FP made sure the kid got a nice gift.  A Mike Piazza bobblehead.  Not even a current player FP?

With the Clapping stopped, Tyler Moore came up to bat (later) and crushed a 2 run pinch hit homer to give the Nats the lead.  That was totally a Mets Rally Clap that FP Shut down!

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