Maniac Mike, The Astros Screaming Fan (With Video)

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Monday & Tuesday at Minute-Maid Park in games between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, there was a guy screaming like a maniac the entire game.  There was no method to his madness.  His mission, to scream and scream and scream some more.

Because the Astros stadium was almost empty (listed just above 14,000 on Tuesday) the screaming echoed throughout the massive empty stadium.  At some points it was so bad that the guy was interrupting the TV and radio coverage by taking over the audio with his screechy voice.

The guy went Twitter viral in DC with fans complaining about how annoying he was and he was the main topic of discussion between Nats fans on the social media front.

YouTube (and @RecordsAndRadio) have uncovered this guy as "Maniac Mike" who's buddies were egging him on to be loud and annoying.  Here are some up close & personal, and ANNOYING AS HELL videos:

Sportsmanship Baby!

In the video he discusses his strategy of waiting for the most quiet moment in the ballpark and then just screaming like a maniac "so everyone can hear me"

This is how Maniac Mike sounded during the game broadcast on TV:

Later in the ballgame, Maniac Mike caught a foul ball and he really went crazy.  The Nationals TV broadcast which somehow pretended he was not there the whole night finally gave the guy some camera time, and he didn't disappoint.  View the awesome GIF after the jump:

DC Sports Nexus

Maniac Mike did give the foul ball to a kid, so that was nice.  The fans around him seem to enjoy it, but people in DC were tilted.

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