Maniac Astros Fan Ruins Entire Game By Screaming The Whole Time

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Tuesday night in Houston during the game between the Nationals and Astros, a crazy fan decided that he was going to scream for the entire game.  The stadium was so empty that the screaming rose above all other sound in the game including the commentary by FP Santangelo and Bob Carpenter.

Here is the bro who was the cause.  Tweeted by @PatrickBoyland

I'm not sure what someone at a stadium can do, but I'm pretty sure they can tell people to stop screaming or ask them to leave.  The Astros did not, and the screaming at points was so loud and screeching that I'm certain some viewers just put the TV on mute or turned off the game all together.

If you weren't watching the game, here are just a few seconds of what you missed:  Now imagine that for 9 innings.

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Greatest Gif Ever
He sits down when security comes - Tweeted by @ elaTexas

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  1. Yeah - this guy has been incredibly annoying all evening. Enough to make me google "houston astros screaming fan" to find out if he's there all the time.