FP Santangelo & Bob Carpenter Lessons: Pinocchio Dolphins And Miami Marlins

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Miami Marlins new stadium has an interesting homerun celebration.  The ballpark has a fountain in the outfield that sprays water while some metal-cutout Marlins circle around, looking like they are jumping out of the ocean and splashing back in.

Earlier in the season, the Washington Nationals play-by-play man Bob Carpenter mistakenly looked at the Marlins jumping and his mind automatically connected that with Dolphins.  After misspeaking and calling the marlins dolphins, FP Santangelo messed with him for the rest of the game, heckling Bob by calling them "long nose dolphins" and "Pinocchio dolphins".

Well on Wednesday night during the Nationals game in Miami, FP and Bob gave the children a little Zoology lesson.  Some of the quotes about the "marlin":
"You know in the Pacific Ocean those are known as long nose dolphins, but in the Atlantic those are Pinocchio Dolphins.  Very rare breed for you kids at home go in and tell your teacher’s tomorrow. Those are Pinnoccio Dolphins you learned that on the Nats broadcast." -FP
At this point, those who were not familiar with this inside joke were Tweeting at FP telling him that they are not dolphins, but marlins.  They continue:
FP: "Your discovery channel lesson for the night kids, now you can go to bed."
BOB: "well you know school’s back we’re here to educate"
FP: "Thats right, [don’t] do your homework, just watch Nats baseball"
Good point fellas.  Who needs school when FP & Bob give you great nuggets every night!  Stay tuned for more of Bob & FP's Animal Facts!

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