Thankfully Someone Finally Hit Bryce Harper

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 7, 2012

Bryce Harper is a cocky 19 year old rookie.  He has only been in the league for a handful of days and he is making Sports Center plays each and every game.  In my eyes he has quickly gone from a d-bag wearing shark tooth necklaces and applying chapstick every second in the dugout to one of my favorite players in all of DC Sports wearing shark tooth necklaces and applying chapstick every second in the dugout (I know not hard to shoot up that chart).

That being said, I think he deserved to get thrown at on purpose, and I have no problem with what Cole Hamels did.

I know a lot of fans in this area are new to baseball.  They probably used to watch a handful of Orioles games when they could make it out to Camden Yards.  I also know that in DC we all hate Philly teams and their fans and we take extra exception to anything that they do.  But come on people!

Getting mad because Cole Hamels admitted throwing at Bryce Harper is also bizarre.  Why are you fine with him throwing at him on purpose (what clearly happened) but upset because he said something.  Their guy threw at our guy, our guy threw at their guy...both did it on purpose...should be end of story.  This is baseball.  Hamels calls it "old school", and I like it.

There was a clear message to Harper in this pitch that I think even some of his teammates should give him.  "We've been here before.  You are new.  We've heard you are good but you haven't done it yet so here is a little welcoming present.  Welcome to the Major Leagues kid."  It's the equivalent of throwing at your little brother because he is much younger than you and needs to understand what the game is all about.

Harper took that message, jogged down to first base, and then went 2 for 3 with several highlight plays including stealing home.  He just showed the rest of the Major Leagues that he won't back down, but also showed everyone that he understands the game, and he probably expected to be hit even sooner.

I also think he would get hit every play if it would get him on base (if only Ian Desmond would have that same Natitude)

So those of you screaming suspension you can chill out a bit.  Baseball happened on Sunday night at Nats Park and nothing else...

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