Philly Fans Boo Special Needs Guy

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a few weeks after Boston Bruins fans tweeted racist garbage about the Caps Joel Ward, Philly fans decided they wanted to get in on the "terrible human being" act.  According to fan reports from Nats Park, Philly fans booed a special needs guy... I also heard some boos on TV when Werth broke his wrist (to drown out Philly fans cheering most likely)

We all know the stories of Phillies fans booing Santa, throwing foreign objects like snowballs & batteries, vomiting on little girls, and more...(read some more great ones here)  This is just another chapter.

These are just reports from fans, so believe it if you wish. Also Follow Adam from Truth About It Wizards blog.  Really, there is nothing I can write about this...again not all Philly fans...but...


  1. Just a little tip: Twitter is not a reliable reporting source.

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