Zimmermann Gets No Run Support, Just A Normal Day

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 6, 2012

Phillies 9, Nats 3

Once again the Nationals couldn't put any runs on the board early and after a decent pitching matchup and a 3-1 score the game finished with 8 runs in the 9th, the Phillies winning 9-3.  One run for Zimmermann is not enough and I feel awful for the poor guy.  One of the top young pitchers in the game and no help.

The story of the game, especially being on ESPN, was Bryce Harper.  He didn't disappoint the National audience.  The Phils threw at and hit Harper in the first inning.  (Zimmermann hit Hamels in his following at bat)  Harper jogged right to first, proceeded to stretch getting to second on a routine single to getting into 3rd, and then stole home on a pickoff play to first.  (Harper's 1st career Major League steal was home...interesting).

I could tell you about Jordan Zimmermann right now or how Cole Hamels dominated the Nats lineup, (5 hits, 8 ks), but I think we should talk about Harper some more.  Bryce hit a single in his next at bat and got out on his next one.  Then he did another amazing thing.  Harper pulled a Pete Rose and turned an easy single into a double on his final at bat.  The fans anxiously awaited another at bat, but Lombardozzi ended the game keeping Harper in the on deck slot.

Harper didn't do everything great.  He did drop what appeared to be an easy to catch deep fly ball where he mistimed a jump.  That wasn't awful (although it didn't help Nats reliever Perry (5 hits, 6 runs, and only 2 outs)).  The interesting part was that despite the game being out of reach Harper was really angry he missed it.  He grinded his teeth and looked really pissed.  He wants to be the best.  Awesome.

Nats head to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates for a Tuesday-Thursday series...

Oh yeah, and Jayson Werth looked like he broke his wrist...Bryce Harper is now a right fielder...

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