Series Preivew: Nationals @ Pirates

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 7, 2012

Ahoy! We were so close.  We had the Phillies at the edge of the plank, hands bound, about to take the plunge.  Our fearless captain Bryce Harper was leading the way.  It didn't take long for him to get his sea legs did it?  He looked like he was shot out of a canon when he stole home!  After a stretch of losses, the team has definitely righted the ship so set a course North.  Next stop Pittsburgh, who were last years feel good story for awhile, but look to be back to their old (terrible) ways this season.

  • Tuesday: 7:05 PM, Jackson (1-1) vs Burnett (1-2).
  • Wednesday: 7:05 PM, Detwiler (3-1) vs Bedard (2-4). *Capitals playoff game some point this day
  • Thursday: 7:05 PM, Strasburg (2-0) vs Correia (1-2).

Pittsburgh has a pair of good pitchers who are past their prime in AJ Burnett and Erik Bedard.  It's possible they could steal a game, but look for the Nats to ride their wave of momentum from the Phillies series and swab the deck with both of them.  I'm going to say Tuesday is the game to watch out of this series.

If you haven't guess it yet from my o-so-subtle language (Arrrr!) Pittsburgh's team is the Pirates.  I have no idea why Pittsburgh has a team called the Pirates, especially since Pennsylvania was the only landlocked colony of the original 13.  (Finally my history degree is useful.)

The Pirates might think they can win this series behind their Salty Dogs, but we are going to show them that sometimes youth (Nats have the second youngest roster in MLB) is much better than experience!



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