Nationals Lose to Joey Votto

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 14, 2012

Nationals Lose: 6-9 (Happy Mothers Day!)

Well the Nationals lost today.  Despite what the schedule may tell you, it wasn't to the Reds.  No, no, it was to Joey Votto.  Read on for some of my thoughts on tonight's loss:

  • First off, MAJOR respect for the few (like 10) Reds fans who stuck out the rain delay and watched the whole game.  You deserved to watch your team win I guess.
  • Jackson was decent against guys without the last name Votto.  He also out pitched Arroyo through 5 innings before they both got the hook, giving the team a chance to win.
  • It was great to see Harper and Espinosa break out some offense tonight.  LaRoche also continued to be solid at the plate.
  • Jesus Flores did great tonight at the plate and behind it.  He made a remarkable save on a wild pitch to save the game while H-rod was on the mound.  Keep this up Jesus cause Ramos is out for the year.
  • Watching Bryce Harper lose track of that high fly ball in the outfield was painful.  At least it didn't hit him in his head.  You know, in the stitches area.
  • H-rod blew another save.  The broadcasters tried to make say that the mound conditions were messing him up.  That might of been the case, but if you want to be a major league closer you got to get the job done.  He didn't tonight and gave up a grandslam walkoff homer to...
  • JOEY VOTTO.  I mean, there was nothing we could do to stop him.  He went 4-5 with 3 homeruns, the last of which was a walkoff grandslam.  When I saw him step to the plate in the 9th, I turned to my roommate and said: "have you ever seen a walkoff grandslam?"  He has now, but I wish he hadn't.

This loss stings.  It always will when you lose a game in the 9th that way.  The team comes home tomorrow to start a long home stand and hopefully the guys can build on the offense produced tonight.

A couple questions for you all, feel free to answer in the comments or via twitter (@dru90):
  1. Do you send H-rod out there the next time a save opportunity comes up?  If not then who?
  2. Was this your first time seeing a walk off grandslam?
  3. Were you digging the pink gloves, bats, shoes, sleeves from today?
  4. Would you have stayed at the ballpark through a 3h 36m rain delay?

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