Those Injury Blues

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 13, 2012

If you were watching Saturday's game (May 12th) than you probably saw National's catcher Wilson Ramos crumple to the ground while chasing a ball that got away from him behind the plate.  If you were watching the Capitals game 7 playoff game maybe you haven't heard about it.  Here is a brief look at the injuries the Nat's are dealing with and when they will be back (hopefully!):

 Late May:
  • Chien-Ming Wang: strained hamstring. Our starters have been good, but with Wang we could toy with having a 6-man rotation to preserve Starsburg this season (innings limit).
  • Mark Derosa: oblique strain.  Was suppose to give Zimmerman some days off at 3B.
  • Brad Lidge: abdominal strain.  Do we want him back closing? Some nights H-rod makes us.
  • Mike Morse: lat strain.  Probably a quick fix for our slumping offense.  We hope.
  • Drew Storen: bone chips in elbow.  The debate over Lidge and H-rod closing gets solved when he comes back.

  • Cole Kimball: shoulder surgery. Had a 1.93 through 12 games last season out of the bullpen.
  • Chris Marrero: torn hamstring/messed up shoulder. Decent young player. Gives us options at 1B.

  • Jayson Werth: broken wrist. Fixing the struggles at the plate aren't going to come easy without this guy in the lineup.  Plus we need his beard.

Out for the Season:
  • Wilson Ramos: torn ACL.  Not good.  Ramos is a good hitting catcher and a steady presence behind home for our pitchers.   The Nat's still have Flores and the minor leagues to fill the spot, but personally I would feel a lot better if the team signed a veteran option to be the backup.  Bring back Pudge! 
If you missed how Ramos went down because of the Caps game here is a link to the MASN video of the injury: OUCH

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