Series Preview (x2): Padres/Pirates @ Nationals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 13, 2012

The National's are coming back to DC for their next three series: a two gamer against the Padres, a two gamer against he Pirates, and then a three gamer against the O's.  You know I'll be excited for the O's match up, but here is a look at those first two short match ups:

  • Monday: 7:05 PM, Stauffer (0-0) vs Detwiler (3-2). *Tim Stauffer started the season on the DL.
  • Tuesday: 1:05 PM, Bass (1-4) vs Strasburg (3-0).
  • Wednesday: 7:05 PM, McDonald (2-2) vs Gonzalez (4-1).
  • Thursday: 7:05 PM, Happ (2-3) vs Zimmermann (2-3).
(The final game of the Reds series hasn't started because of a rain delay.  If cancelled, these pitching match ups will almost certainly shuffle.) 

All four of these are very winnable games and if you can you should try to make it out to the yard.   Tuesday seems like a good one to call out sick for, with Strasburg on the mound going for his 4th win of the season.  How about swinging by the stadium after work on Wednesday to watch Gio go for his 5th?

Your sound for these two series comes from Ozzy Osbourne, a man that graces the version center jumbo-tron in a Capitals jersey during home games.  We won't be seeing him up there till next season now, so enjoy Crazy Train.

Mental wounds not healing, Lifes a butter shame, I'm going of the rails on a crazy train.
Is this describing how it feels to be in a slump, how it feels to hit yourself in the head with a bat, or being a fan of any of the Washington area sports teams? I'll let you decide...

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