Yeah Baby. The New Nats Pitching Mantra Growing

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm not sure where the whole "Yeah Baby!" thing started, but after a very interesting Matt Williams trip to the mound with Doug Fister earlier this week, Nats fans have taken and ran with the old 1997 Austin Powers made-famous phrase.  During that mound pow-pow, Williams said he asked Fister if he wanted to face the next batter, to which Fister replied with the new catch phrase. And every game it grows.

While the postgame questions about the Fister meeting popularized "yeah baby" we saw Nats reliever Aaron Barrett do it just a few days before. (and then Storen did it after closing a game.) It appears that it may have started in the bullpen, but no matter where it started, it is now something the fans will latch on to great pitching performances.

Things are happening that are a lot like 2012 right now...and all Nats fans are thinking about it is Yeah Baby!

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