Keith Hernandez Bashes Bryce Harpers Swing, Harper Homers Immediately

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, September 14, 2014

During Saturday night's broadcast of the Nationals vs Mets on WPIX New York, former Mets great and current TV analyst Keith Hernandez had a few things to say about the way Bryce Harper swings a baseball bat. Hernandez was not impressed with the extremeness of the swing, and went on a good minute long rant about it on the air. But after that minute was up, Harper showed Hernandez just how "bad" of a swing he really had...and this happened.

Yeah. That was quite an awful swing for his 13th homer of this injury shortened season. Was that the upper upper deck? Here are some excerpts from Hernandez' diatribe that took place during the at bat (Unfortunately there is no video to embed):

"Harper has a funky swing. He does things sometimes and then he doesn't do it."

The Mets broadcaster continued describing what sounds like the old essential "keep your eye on the ball" we learned in tee-ball:
"I just don't like the head...its like a you are supposed to keep your head down after you make contact. He's so extreme looking at the ball seeing the ball through to the catchers glove. I don't think that is nessisary in baseball. Hitting. It's too extreme."

Hernandez went on to muddle through a more thorough explanation comparing Harper to other players in MLB history that I've never heard of. Then after being asked different questions from the other announcer it appeared he didn't even know what he himself was saying. Hernandez then questioned Harper's future.

"See how he turns his head...see that? it makes you drop your always got to hit I feel with your eyes parallel to the ground. Now it works for him, he's in the big leagues, he's had good seasons, but is he gonna be a .330 hitter. Is he gonna be an exceptional hitter."

Hernandez begins to backpedal or from his tone unknowingly contradict himself:

"Is Harper going to be that? I don't know. He hasn't got a beautiful swing, it's a very unorthodox swing. And he's very strong. And I'm not knocking the swing. It is just unorthodox and I've seen a lot of great hitters who are unorthodox swingers, whatever works for you."

Seconds later Harper crushes the upper deck homerun. Take that KEITH HERNANDEZ! After the homer, the alleged "spitter" (see video below) realized what happened and tried to play it off.

"Well after I've disected his swing and he goes upper tank...but...I did qualify my comments. So. He's got a great takeback and this is right down the middle. And this is 96 miles per hour and you gotta get the barrel through and he did."

And then

"It's like he did it on purpose to show me up..."



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