Were-Werth Attends Game, Gets Told To Remove Mask

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A few Nationals fans were dressed up as werewolfs on Tuesday night at Nats Park and were caught on camera. Well it turns out these guys, one dressed in full werewolf outfit with a mask AND a Jayson Werth beard, had a run in with stadium security. Wow they look sort of scary in the following pics:

Here's the were-werth's story according to Twitter, starting with this scary as hell guy:

And here's the 2nd were-werth:

I guess one of the rules at Nats Park is that you can't wear a mask because an usher had him remove it and handed him the stadium policies.

Note to self. Don't wear full werewolf suit to the ballpark...

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