Strasburg Picks Up Zimmerman, Serious Natitude

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, May 17, 2013

On Thursday night, Ryan Zimmerman committed his 8th error of the season, a bad throw to 2nd base that allowed a runner safe and loaded the bases with Stephen Strasburg on the mound.  In Strasburg's previous start, a Zimmerman error visibly rattled Strasburg who went on to allow 4 unearned runs after the E5.  The fans & media crushed Strasburg for his "mental" flaws.

Thursday's result was different.  After the error, Strasburg looked over and nodded at Zimmerman who nodded back telling Zim not to worry about the error because he would pick him up.   And Strasburg did just that.  While one Padres run did score, Strasburg escaped the jam, and went on to pitch his longest outing of his career in his first win since opening day.  The Split Screen GIF of the exchange below.

OK, maybe he doesn't say "I Got You" Like FP & Suzuki said he did, but that was the gist
Its hard to see with the shaky camera, but Zim looked to nod back. Here's what Kurt Suzuki had to say about the incident via Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post

“I was thinking about going out there and talking to [Strasburg]. Once he got the ball back, he looked at Zim and said, ‘I got you.’ Once he did that, I turned around and went back to home plate. Because I knew he was going to do it.”

Nationals announcer FP Santangelo suggested that this moment was a turning point in the Nats season:
"you might want to circle that moment for the rest of the season"


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I didn't do any timecode, I'm just assuming when Stras nodded, Zim nodded back

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