Video: Jayson Werth's Rehab Start For The Potomac Nationals

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jayson Werth started a rehab assignment after hitting the DL with a hamstring injury.  Werth played for the Nats high A ball Potomac Nationals, started in right field, and took two at bats at the 2 spot before heading out early.

Werth got a hit, got in a rundown, threw out a guy at home plate, and parked his truck in a dangerous place.  Meanwhile I ate free hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, and Uncle Julio's chicken tacos and chips.  Check out the video below.

A small crowd of fans gathered around the first baseline about an hour before gametime waiting for Jayson Werth to come out so they could get autographs.  Werth, the crafty veteran, remained hidden back in the locker room until around 10 minutes before first pitch.  He came out, warmed up for a bit, and then left about 5 minutes to sign stuff for fans.

Werth Singles Up The Middle As The Sun Sets

Werth batted second for the P-Nats and grounded out to 2nd in his first at bat.  Then, when in the field, the Nats right fielder threw out a tagging up runner at home from right.  Next, in his 2nd and final at bat, Werth singled up the middle and ended up getting caught in that rundown where his team somehow ended up scoring a run.  Not a bad warm-up day for Werth.

Jayson Werth Takes The Field In Right As The Picnic Area Looks On

Meanwhile, outside the stadium, several fans noticed a giant white pickup truck parked on a random patch of grass next to a softball field right outside the locker room.  The Illinois license plate and the souped up nature of the pickup gave away that it belonged to Werth.

Werth's truck parked about 30 feet from the locker room door, in a random non-parking spot.

Werth's choice of parking spot allowed him to get in and out quickly, but was not the greatest choice of spots.  To his right, only a few feet from the truck, was a intramural softball game...right in foul territory.  To his left was the P-Nats stadium, and home plate was not far away.  In fact, one foul ball landed about 20 feet from the truck.

When the game was over a crowd gathered by the locker room door waiting to get Werth to sign autographs.  The game was still going on, but not many people seemed to care.  Eventually Werth emerged, surrounded by about 5 P-Nats employees and they rushed out the door, out the gate, and within seconds Werth was in his truck and on the road much to the dismay of the fans.

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